Presidents Cup

In the event of a walkover, winning team will be highlighted in bold
If games are equal, games for the winning team will be highlighted in bold

Date Round Home Team Games Games Away Team
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundBlaby TigersVsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundAnchor 1VsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundThe TopVsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundBulls Head 1VsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundThe Birch Tree 3VsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundBaggiesVsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundRatby RoguesVsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundBeacon 1VsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundBirch Tree BanditosVsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundMalt Shovel Old BoysVsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundAxe Gladerunners 2015VsLeicester Banks
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundNags 1VsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundNags 2VsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundBanks RoadiesVsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundBlaby FoxesVsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundAxe and Square 2VsBYE
29/04/2019Preliminary RoundBulls Head 2VsBYE