Leicestershire Petanque Summer League
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Division 1

Submitted Home Away
11/07/2018Rutland Panthers4-0Belper Arms 1
08/07/2018Baggies2-2Old Black Horse 1
05/07/2018Belper Arms 11-3Banks Roadies
05/07/2018Redcaps 11-3Axe and Square 2
04/07/2018Keyham 13-1Rutland Panthers

Division 2

Submitted Home Away
18/07/2018Bulls Head 24-0Redcaps 2
04/07/2018Anchor 11-3Redcaps 2
04/07/2018Blaby Tigers4-0Three Crowns 3
04/07/2018Bulls Head 22-2Three Crowns 1
04/07/2018Malt Shovel Old Boys2-2Blaby Foxes

Division 3

Submitted Home Away
09/07/2018Belper 2 Bandits1-3Glenhills 4
05/07/2018Axe Gladerunners 20152-2Keyham 3
05/07/2018Beacon 11-3Bulls Head 1
01/07/2018Belper 2 Bandits0-4Castle Donington 2
30/06/2018Glenhills 43-1Keyham 3

Division 4

Submitted Home Away
06/07/2018Three Crowns 40-4Nags 2
05/07/2018Glenhills 30-4Thurmaston 2
05/07/2018Three Crowns 22-2Belper Arms 4
04/07/2018The Birch Tree 22-2Top Bombers
28/06/2018Nags 21-3Top Bombers

Division 5

Submitted Home Away
11/07/2018Plough Inn Skittlers2-2Plough Inn 1
04/07/2018Nags 12-2Belper Arms 5
04/07/2018Plough Inn 14-0The Glen
04/07/2018Ratby Rogues0-4Leicester Banks
04/07/2018The Birch Tree 34-0Plough Inn Skittlers

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Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Rutland Panthers9426
Axe and Square 22626

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Bulls Head 28628
Blaby Tigers11527
Three Crowns 17925

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Bulls Head 15120
Keyham 3820
Glenhills 4-220

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Nags 212224
The Birch Tree 26719
Top Bombers8718

Table Leaders Pts +/- Total
Leicester Banks11025
Plough Inn Skittlers1218
Plough Inn 1-117

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